What We Offer

Private Instruction

Private instruction is the ideal way of approaching the Pilates method. It involves the whole system of body conditioning created by Joseph Pilates. Our skilled instructors work alongside you and guide you through the exercises, making sure you are achieving precision of movement, so critical to achieving the greatest benefits. This is a great way to address your specific needs and is recommended to anyone with injuries, health issues and those who have particular goals.
50 Minute Private Lesson
Single lesson, $75
Series of 4, $280 (save $20)
Series of 8, $520 (save $80)
Series of 12, $720 (save $180)

30 Minute Private Lesson
Pay per visit, $50
Series of 4, $180 (save $20)


We also offer duets, two students to one instructor. The entire system is incorporated into this approach as well. This is a good approach for people who are at the same level of fitness. Working with a partner can offer additional encouragement.
50 Minute Duet Lesson:
Single lesson, $55 per person
Series of 4, $200 per person (save $20)

Mat Classes

Friendship & Fitness - Grab 2 or 3 friends and have a class customized to your needs and goals.

Our mat classes are personalized just like all of our other workouts. The mat classes are 45 minutes in length and are unique in that you customize your class. This is a great opportunity to shape up and socialize with your friend. Classes are limited to 4 people in a class to be able to provide personal attention to the participants, using correct form, thus creating the most value. The body's own resistance is utilized. The classes include arc barrel, magic circle and small weights. You can do duets, trios, or quartets.
Trios are $100 per person (series of 4)
Quartets are $80 per person (series of 4)
There are currently no on-going classes


Pilates Mod Bod Studio is proud to present Romanas Pilates Certification with our Level III instructor Jacki Garland. This certification upholds the highest standards of excellence and is dedicated to keeping the lifework of Joseph Pilates pure. To learn more about this exciting training go to Romanas Pilates

All sessions are prepaid and by appointment only.

Series cards are based on a 4 week month.


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