What is True Pilates?

Joseph Pilates developed an exercise system for Health & Longevity. He believed that good circulation and oxygenation of the blood was the key to good health. He once remarked: "blood should flow through the body like a river not a stagnant stream." He created a system of 500 exercises utilizing spring resistant apparatus as well as exercises using your own body's resistance, He thought it more beneficial to not exhaust the muscle, but rather engage all the muscle groups in a wide variety of movements; doing only a few repetitions of each exercise. This approach leaves the body refreshed and energized at the end of a session rather than depleted.

Pilates called his method the Art and Science of Contrology. Every movement requires the elements of strength, stretch and control. The control center being what Pilates termed the "powerhouse" It consists of several muscle groups including: the deepest abdominal muscles, abdominal rectus, transverse abdominals, lower back muscles, the gluts and the pelvic floor muscles. By utilizing these muscles you will create a girdle of strength and an anchor for all the Pilates moves. The "powerhouse" allows the arms and legs to move freely, lubricating the joints and elongating the muscles. Thus with the True Pilates system you create a very strong yet supple musculature.

Precise form is crucial to your movements. Once you master correct placement, which involves anchoring some muscles and relaxing you can speed up your pace. Dynamic rhythm is a goal, however not at the sacrifice of correct form and proper breathing which is accomplished by keeping the ribs soft and expanding the lungs laterally and to the back.

Centering is essential in creating a balanced body. The Pilates system was designed for the individual. Specific exercises were given if the person was suffering from any imbalance, whether it be a weak back, injured knee or shoulder, problem with scoliosis or neurologogic disorders, shortage of breath, etc.Because of Pilates ability to restore and rehab the body, he was often referred to as the first physical therapist.

Keeping the brain active is important as you get older. True Pilates requires concentration in order to achieve proper alignment, balance, and centering. Pilates emphasizes mental activity with each movement to stimulate memory and Imagination. It also facilitates coordination which has been proven as crucial to maintain optimal brain functioning.

Pilates is a safe and stimulating workout for men and women of all ages. It's protective of the joints and all the exercises stay in the frame of the body. It will help the stiff to become flexible. It will help the supple individuals to get more control. Overall, it is a great way to achieve health.

No previous experience is necessary as the program is based on levels of fitness form beginners to superstars. True Pilates is very empowering don't wait to feel great.

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