Testimonials from Our Clients

  • "I first want to thank you for your steady and meticulous instruction for the past 18 months � A good friend often raved about the benefits she received from your instruction but I remained a little skeptical. I was wrong. Prior to Pilates, I often experienced lower back pain after a round of golf or a day working in the lawn. Those days of popping aspirin the next morning are long gone."
    - Chung-Wook Kim

  • "Six months ago I was shocked to learn I had the beginning stages of Osteoporosis. Since exercise is a major key to preventing bone loss, I resolved to improve my exercise routine. My goals were to increase my weight bearing exercise and strengthen my core muscles� this led me to Pilates Mod Bod Studio. It is equipped with a large variety of Pilates equipment which helps make the workout new and challenging. Jacki is a very knowledgeable and caring instructor� her sessions are fun and I enjoy the time I am there. I have made good progress: increased energy, stronger core muscles and better posture just to name a mention a few improvements."
    - Sue Vickers

  • "I am thrilled to have the opportunity to express what Pilates and my teacher have done for me. I am 60 and had some reservations about enrolling. I was concerned that it might be too strenuous� all my life I have struggled with poor posture and lack of mobility. I was reaching th epoint where it was painful to walk for a long period of time and my body was becoming more out of alignment.I also had suffered earlier with a detached retina and so I knew I had to be careful to protect my eyes while I exercised. Certinally I can state that findind Pilates Mod Bod Studio was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am happy to report that now I am the one that does not tire out after a long day of activities with my family. Recently friends have been telling me that I look like I lost weight. I know that it is not dieting that s causing my slimmer appearance but rather pilates. I am strengthening my muscles as well as stretching them and I am standing taller.

    Perhaps another reason I am standing taller is because I feel proud of my accomplishments in pilates. With the encouragement and support of my teacher, Jacki, I have had the discipline to stay with an exercise program that really works and I feel good about what I have achieved."

    - Kitty Gates

  • "When I first started at Pilates Mod Bod Studio 2 plus years ago I was significantly overweight and feeling aches and pains just getting out of bed in the morning. Since I have been doing Pilates with Samantha I have noticed marked improvement in my flexibility and start my days feeling much better. Pilates has helped me lose weight and improve my self body image. I feel taller and stronger which helps me carry myself better.

    My instructor, Samantha has been wonderful in working with me�She encourages me to do my best while continually redefining what my best is. I am amazed at what I can do now as compared to what I could do when I started. Samantha helps me push myself to do more or attempt more while at the same time watching that I don't push too hard or force myself beyond what is good for my body.

    Pilates is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and the women of Mod Bod Studio are wonderful to work with."

    - Colleen Mahoney

  • "Its been six months since I started Pilates and I was a physical wreck when I first began. I'm much stronger and more flexible, but one thing that amazing to me is that I'm taller now. I know that my osterporosis has slowed its tow on my frame, and that my bones are much stronger. I have even stopped taking the medication for it that was so hard on my digestive system.

    Thank you so much for teaching me the proper way to breath. It's much easier to handle stress now and helps concentration. When I have a compliment on how good I'm looking I always say 'Thank you Jacki'."

    - Carol Halliburton

  • "Before I began pilates I was bothered by my back and neck problems with my scoliosis and I was so inflexible that I couldn't even touch my toes in all my 34years. Especially with my career as a model, I also wanted a workout that would get me long, lean and "taller". I had been doing weight training for a few years and all it did was get parts of me bigger where I didn't want to get bigger and it also strained my neck. I had first heard of pilates from celebrity magazines and read about the wonders it did for them�.now after 1 � years I'm truly hooked. I'm more aware of my posture and the correct way to stand. I love that after each session I feel lighter and more balanced. Plus, I'm also getting some great abs and I can now touch my toes. Its helped my neck problem and even my chiropractor highly recommends that I stay with Pilates as part of my regimen. For someone like me that hates to workout, I can honestly say that I can't ever see myself doing without pilates."
    - Christine Davis, Model

  • "Pilates has made a tremendous difference in my life in all these areas. I have gone from wearing a back brace when working out to avoid overstretching to taking it off and learning to stretch and strengthen my body in ways I no longer thought were possible for me. I believe that this learning to inhabit my body in a more comfortable and confident way has also stretched me emotionally and mentally - and I have more clarity and focus overall."
    - Marina Lombardo, Pshchotherapist

  • "Physically, my shape is better now than before I had a baby. I am much stronger and can't believe how flexible I have become. I have never been able to stretch as much prior to pilates. My posture is better; I feel like I walk taller! After my first session, I remember saying that, 'I felt the same way I feel after geeting a massage'. Every muscle gets worked and stretched. Pilates has helped me look and feel better, which is a great confidence booster. Having a certified Instructor is invaluable! Every exercise is specific and often complex. Jessica is right beside me; correcting me and reminding me of the precise way to do the exercises in order to get the maximum benefit."
    - Francie Wood, Mommy

  • "When I first started Pilates I loved the way I'd feel when I left. I'd feel inches taller like I stretched out every muscle and yet I had a great workout. I became pregnant after about 7 months of pilates, and was able to continue on with most of my same workout all the way through. I did Pilates for 37 weeks of my pregnancy and my labor was probably as good as it gets. 10 days after our baby was born, I was back working on my 'powerhouse'. My body has gone right back to pre-pregnancy."
    - Debbie Horowitz, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetics

  • "I first met Jacki Garland about 31/2 years ago when I was rehabbing from a knee injury. At that time, I was actively training for marathons and triathlons and decided to take pilates to help heal some knee injuries that became persistant with long bouts of running... Working with Jacki as my instructor has been nothing but pure joy. Now more recently I returned to train with Jacki because of a car accident, which caused my neck and lower back injuries. My doctor prescribed pilates for my rehabilitation. I can attest that pilates training has relieved pain from the accident. Slowly, I am gaining my strength back in the areas that were weakened and hurt from the accident and more importantly I feel better."
    - Antoinette R. Darrow

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